Paltuition LMS Malaysia simplify a variety of learning and training process. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Our learning platform is a mobile-friendly, so that you can do your learning with tablets and smartphones.

Video Conference

Enables distance learning, real-time collaboration and delivery of online lectures to allow screen sharing capabilities.

Quiz Assessment

Support different question types such as multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank with configurable difficulty level.


Notified users about new events and lesson update through email.

Online Certificate

Automate or manual certificate to the successful completion of a course.

Learning Progress

Indications guide for the user through the lesson and monitor own learning progress.

Collaborative Learning

Communication tools include chat, personal message & forum that allow users to share ideas.

Course Management

Organize online courses into lessons, courses & categories.

Completion Rules

Lecturer can define the course completion rules & configure prerequisites for courses and more.

User Friendly

We provide user a fresh & modern learning process to allows easy navigation for online learning.