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Getting Help

What do I do if I am stuck? Are there any good tutorials around?

Drop an email at or contact +603-7931 8877.

How can I suggest improvements and put forward what I would like to see in PalTuition?

Drop an email at We will seriously discuss your opinion and adopt and improve our system in the future.

Where can I get training on how to use PalTuition?

We temporarily do not offer this service. Any question? Please drop us an email at or contact +603-7931 8877.

What is a Course?

A course is the basic learning area on PalTuition where a teacher displays materials for their students.

What is a Category?

A category is a group of things and has several meanings in PalTuition. It can be a grouping of courses by a certain criteria (Such as: Science; Junior School; Staff Area). It can be a group of questions, or a group of entries in a glossary.

What is an Activity?

Usually an activity is something that a student will do that interacts with other students and or the teacher. PalTuition has over a dozen activity types of tools for a teacher to use in a course.

What is a Resource?

Resources are items that a teacher can use to support learning, such as a file or a link. A standard PalTuition comes with 6 resource types that can be added to a course.

What is a Block?

Typically, blocks are items which may be added to the left or right in a course's home page. There are dozens of different blocks that can be added to a course, or pages within a course.

What is a Filter?

Filters can be used to add links, insert multimedia players, and convert Mathematical expressions or emoticons into displayed images.

What is a Section?

A section is an area within a course's homepage that hold activities and resources. Standard course section formats are topics, weeks, social and SCORM.

What is a Role?

A role in PalTuition refers to what a user is allowed (or not) to do on a PalTuition site. Typical roles might include those of a student and teacher. A role is a collection of permissions that can be assigned to specific users in specific contexts. For example, when a user is enrolled in a course as a student.


How secure is PalTuition?

PalTuition is designed to be very secure. However, a lot depends upon the webserver, the way PalTuition is setup and regular updates of the package by the PalTuition Administrator.

Can PalTuition get hacked into and student data stolen?

Highly unlikely if your PalTuition site has up-to- date security and the site administrator has not given away the keys. Anything is possible on any website, but PalTuition makes it difficult for nasty people to cause havoc.

What if I did something wrong and accidentally broke it - could it be easily fixed?

PalTuition can be backed-up at any point. If a backup was made 5 minutes before you broke it, chances are it can be fixed easily.

Is my student data safe on a cheap or free webhost?

While you do have some control of the security of a PalTuition site on a free or cheap web host, the question is: How much do you trust your web host?

Can I track and search what people do and post in PalTuition?

Assuming you are a teacher and it is your course, yes. PalTuition Admin can do that for the entire site.

Can I backup PalTuition so I don't lose things?

Yes, you can backup a PalTuition site or as a teacher you can back up your course and download it (if your role permits it). With appropriate permissions, you can restore your course and/or import parts of courses elsewhere on your site or beyond..